Answers to Thought of the Day 8-17-08

Answers to Thought of the Day 8-17-08 - Answers for Thought...

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Unformatted text preview: Answers for 8/17/08 Thought of the Day What is minimum amount of water each person requires per year for drinking, hygiene and growing food? *1000 cubic meters (264,170 gallons) (2/5 of Olympic‐size swimming pool). [723 gallons/day] (Scientific American, Aug 2008) * the average American uses over 100 gallons of water per day (EPA, 2004) Water is minimum amount of drinking water each person requires per year? SAFE DRINKING WATER ACT 1974 – 2004: (EPA) * 66% of the human body is water * A person must consume 2.5 quarts (~2/3 gallon) of water per day from all sources (drinking, eating) to maintain health. [Equivalent to 228 gallons per year)] Recommendation: See the following website to “Find your water footprint” and for an interesting read. ...
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