carbohydratemodelactivity-10 - Carbohydrate Molecular Model...

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Carbohydrate Molecular Model Group Activity To be turned in by Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010 in Break Out Session (complete back side of sheet) Science Library Reserve Material : Molecular Models Call Number : PC M698mm Course BCMB/BIOL/CHEM 3100 Instructor Mohnen Carbohydrates can be a difficult class of molecules to appreciate due to their structural complexity. In order to help you appreciate their structure, you are requested to meet one time as a group at the science library and to build several carbohydrates. Please arrange to meet at the science library for one hour. I have placed my personal (and rather cheap but effective) molecular models on reserve. There are 13 supposedly identical bags with enough atoms and bonds that you can construct monosaccharides. Please check out only the number of bags you need for your group. You can keep the models for up to 2 hours at a time. Please make the following monosaccharides. [Note: the color and length code for the bonds and atoms are given
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carbohydratemodelactivity-10 - Carbohydrate Molecular Model...

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