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Name: ___________________ Group Teaching/Learning Assignment on Coenzymes BCMB/BIOL/CHEM 3100 Fall 2010 10:10-11:00 am Class For Credit this completed sheet must be turned into Dr. Mohnen by the Break Out Session on September 21, 2010 I. This assignment should be carried out in groups of ~4 people. Each group should divide the 12 coenzymes listed below equally to the group members (i.e. 3 coenzymes per person for a group of 4 people). One recommended division of the coenzymes is shown below. Please record the full names of each group member presenter with their respective coenzymes below (feel free to modify as necessary). Coenzymes Name of presenter Grade NAD + /NADP + , CoA, ATP ____________________ ____________ FAD/FMN, ubiquinone ____________________ ____________ methyl/adenosylcobalamin lipoamide, PLP, ____________________ ____________ protein coenzyme (cytochrome) Biotin, TPP, tetrahydrofolate ____________________ ____________ II. Each group member should learn each of their assigned coenzymes in depth and prepare
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coenzymegroupactivity-10 - Name Group Teaching/Learning...

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