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Kyle Kravitz ENC 1102 Section 5863 Kayley Thomas 31 November 2010 A Call For Increased Alternative Energy Research Imagine an average American man pumping high-priced gas on the side of a smoggy city street. He observes how thick the air has become in the last several years, and also how high the gas prices have risen. In the future, with increased alternative energy research, this average American may be able to save money and breathe cleaner air. Due to the harmful nature, increasing prices, and depleting existence of fossil fuels and nonrenewable energy sources, I believe an increase in alternative energy research and usage is necessary. Alternative Energy research has been conducted in the recent past, and it has established a solid base to begin further study in nonrenewable energy. In present times, fossil fuel prices are putting bigger holes in our wallets and are also polluting our environment to a point that is extremely dangerous; so why not increase research in fuels that are safer, cheaper, and renewable? I believe a change is necessary as soon as possible, especially when scientists and chemists today have found energy sources that one can harness in one's backyard such as ethanol, wind, and solar power. I am aware that as human beings we are to generally opposed to change of any kind, whether it be a small detail in our daily life or a life-changing event. Ever since Auguste Mouchout invented the first active steam engine in 1861 (History of Alternative Energy), humans have been extremely reliant on energy, and nearly every aspect of our daily lives has been governed by forms of energy. Finding a way to spark the change in energy sources may be difficult.
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Two writers have researched alternative energy sources and have discovered why more research in alternative energy is not difficult, but easy and beneficial. Daniel B. Botkin and Diana Perez both believe that more research is required now more than ever to prepare the world for the end of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal. When looking at the future amount of current energy resources, both Botkin and Perez see the future looking grim. They see a solution however: Today's technology- can solve it. The tough news is that achieving this energy independence will be expensive and will require a national commitment that is unusual for a democracy. It requires political will and individual personal commitments in ways that we have not chosen to seek in the past decades. It requires innovation, creativity, invention, and entrepreneurship. We have the technology, we just are afraid to use it (xix). By seeing the major advantages of alternative energy for the present and future, I believe some people will be more apt to change to new types of renewable energy such as solar and wind power. One journalist, Douglas Fischer, believes that Americans will be willing to put a large sum of investment money into alternative energy resources once they realize that carbon products (coal, natural gas, etc.) will begin to be sold as rare products, and that alternative
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AlthernativeEnergyResearchPapermw_2 - Kyle Kravitz ENC 1102...

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