Gattaca Summary Analysis

Gattaca Summary Analysis - Kravitz 1 Kyle Kravitz ENC 1102...

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Kravitz 1 Kyle Kravitz ENC 1102 Section 5863 Kayley Thomas 30 September 2010 Gattaca : Dystopia in a Utopia Everyone has their prototype for a utopian society: Gandhi believed in a nonviolent society and Thomas More conjured up a world of egalitarian values and harmonious living. Most of these ideas for utopias all have their faults and impracticalities, and the world that Gattaca displayed was by no means an exception. Gattaca brought the world of genetic engineering and a utopian society to the viewer as “the not-so-distant future”. With the many amazing technologies and mesmerizing alterations to daily living that were displayed in Gattaca , there were also numerous “dystopian” characteristics that were revealed to the viewer. The fact that even in a highly technological society there are faults and out of control events show that it is near impossible for the dreams of people such as Gandhi and Thomas More to take hold on our society. Gattaca showed the viewer a world of perfect people and intense technology, but also showed that amongst all of that, there are imperfections. This theme of a dystopia in a utopia can be seen in many aspects of the film. It seemed as though everyone had a fault or downfall that
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Gattaca Summary Analysis - Kravitz 1 Kyle Kravitz ENC 1102...

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