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How to Change a Flat Automobile Tire Revised

How to Change a Flat Automobile Tire Revised - By Kyle...

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By Kyle Kravitz Figure . Have you seen this before? This is what a flat tire looks like. If your automobile looks anything like this, you are a perfect candidate for this instruction manual! Introduction In present-day society, millions of people commute daily to work, school, or other places thanks to the invention of the automobile. However, what happens when your form of transportation suddenly is crippled due to a flat tire? A systematic approach to this dilemma will get you moving onto your destination faster than you may have expected. All you need to do is gather the suggested materials, diagnose the cause of the low tire pressure, and decide whether you need change the whole tire, or fix the tire another way. If you do need to change the tire, the process is as simple as unscrewing a couple lug nuts, removing the old tire, and attaching a new one. The standard Automobile tire design has not changed greatly in the past several decades. Even though commercials always advertise some new types of technology, you may still approach any flat tire available on a standard automobile and change it using the following steps. Materials Standard Automobile Jack o Many automobiles today come with a certified and approved automobile jack unique to your auto. It may be located underneath a mat or spare tire in the back of your automobile.
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How to Change a Flat Automobile Tire Standard Tire Pressure Gauge o Must have a 100 PSI range. It can be found at any local auto part store or general store (Wal-Mart) for a few dollars. Spare Tire o Must fit specific size and load capacity of your automobile. Most spare tires come with your automobile in, on, or underneath the trunk. If not, consult a local auto store near you and they will appropriately select a spare tire for you. Universal Lug Wrench o Can be found in stores where the Standard Tire Pressure Gauge can be found. Make sure that it fits the lug nuts of your specific automobile. Although advertised as “Universal”, these wrenches can still possibly not fit some lug nuts. Any Rag or Cloth o Automobile Tires can cause your hands to become dirty and greasy, hindering any progress you may accomplish. Use any clean rag to clean off any grease, axel, and/or tire residue. A Flat-head Screwdriver o You may already have one in your house. If not, can be found nearly anywhere from home-improvement stores to convenience stores. Caution of Passing Traffic o Passing traffic is the greatest risk to a person changing a flat tire on an automobile. Close proximity to a road can possibly result in being hit and killed by another automobile. To avoid this risk, try to pull extremely off to the side of a road or pull into a road-side stop such as a plaza or a neighborhood. Avoid Smashing Fingers and Toes from Tire and Automobile
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How to Change a Flat Automobile Tire Revised - By Kyle...

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