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1 1 Nanoscale Materials Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Technology by Massimiliano Di Ventra (Editor), Stephane Evoy (Editor), James R. Heflin Jr. (Editor). Springer, 2004. Yin, Y.; Alivisatos, A. P., Nature 2005 , 437 , 664. 2 Nanoscale Materials Synthesis Two levels in nanostructured materials preparation: Synthesis of the building blocks. Construction of structured materials from building blocks top down (macro engineering): photolithograpy or bottom up (molecular engineering): molecular self-assembly, low dimensional materials (e.g., quantum dots, nanotubes and nanowires)
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2 3 If a bulk metal is made thinner and thinner, until the electrons’ coherence length is les than the thickness, this is “2D quantum confinement.” Next level is quantum wire (1 D). Then quantum dot (0 D). Source: Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry, Wiley, 2001 3D 2D 1D 0D 4 3D 2D 1D 0D
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