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HW3 - of the projection data g(l θ Questions#6.4#6.5...

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NPRE 435, Principles of Imaging with Ionizing Radiation, Fall 2010 Homework #3 (09-21-2011) NPRE 435, Instructor: L. J. Meng E-mail: [email protected] , Office phone: 217-3337710, Office: 111E Talbot Lab Due date: before 5:00pm on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2011. Please hand in to my office 111E Talbot Lab. Questions on Radon Transform Question #6.3, Note that the projection data is represented slightly differently in the text book [2]. Please see Fig. 6.8 on Page 194 for the definition
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Unformatted text preview: of the projection data g(l, θ ). Questions #6.4, #6.5. Question #6.8 (a), Please show the linear attenuation function along x and y axis ONLY, (f). Page 220, Medical Imaging Signals and Systems, by Prince and Links. Reading: Primary : Chapter 3, Foundations of Medical Imaging, Z. H. Cho et. al. [1] Additional : Chapter 6, Page 192-207 in Medical Imaging Signals and Systems, by Prince and Links. [2]...
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