Chapter 1 - Communication- the process through which people...

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Communication - the process through which people use messages to generate meanings within and across contexts, cultures, channels and media. 5 features that characterize communication 1. Communication is a process. Communication unfolds over time though a series of interconnected actions carried out by the participants a. Everything you say and do affects what is said and done in the present and future 2. Those engaged in communication use messages. A message is the package of info that is transported during communication. When people exchange a series of messages (face-to- face or online) the result is interaction . 3. Communication occurs in a seemingly endless variety of contexts or situations. You communicate differently based on the place, number of people, amount of time, etc. 4. People communicate through various channels . A channel is the sensory dimension along which communicators transmit info. 5. To transmit information communicators use a broad range of media - tools for exchanging messages. Email, text message, video conferencing, phone calls, etc. Models to Describe the Communication Process Linear communication model o Communication is an activity in which info flows in one direction o Sender messages communicated through channels (w/ possibility of noise) receiver Interactive communication model
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Chapter 1 - Communication- the process through which people...

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