Chapter 3 - Perception selecting organizing and...

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Perception - selecting, organizing and interpreting information from our senses Selection - focusing attention on certain sights, sounds, tastes, touches or smells in our environment Salience - the degree to which particular people or aspects of their communication attract our attention. Three conditions that we view communication as salient: The communicator behaves in a visually and audibly stimulating fashion (yelling and gesturing) Our goals or expectations lead us to view as important Communication that deviates from our expectations Organization - take the information you have selected and structure it into a coherent pattern inside your mind Punctuation - structuring the information you’ve selected into a chronological sequence that matches how you experienced the order of events Interpretation - assigning meaning to information we have selected. You create explanations for why things are happening as they are Schemata - mental structures that contain information defining the characteristics of various concepts as well as how those characteristics are related to each other. Example: wife had a schemata for marriage proposal and that enabled her to correctly interpret actions Attributions - explanations we create for others’ comments or behaviors Internal attributions- presume that a person’s communication or behavior stems from internal causes such as character or personality External attributions- a person’s communication is caused by factors unrelated to personal qualities Fundamental attribution error - the tendency to attribute others’ behavior solely to internal causes (the kind of person they are) rather than the social or environmental forces affecting them Actor-observer effect
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Chapter 3 - Perception selecting organizing and...

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