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Chapter 10 Services - intangible ideas, tasks, experiences, performances, or activities Franchise - a contractual agreement in which an entrepreneur pays a fee and agrees to meet operating requirements in exchange for the franchise name and marketing plan Service encounter - the interaction between the consumer and the seller Perishable - value exists for a short time Core service - basic benefit and main objective Functional element - accomplishing what’s intended Interactive element - personal behaviors and physical atmosphere of the service environment Service complexity - the number and intricacy of steps involved in producing a service Divergence - the amount of routine procedure involved. A very customized service has high divergence. Person marketing - promoting an individual’s character, personality, and appeal, which in turn
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Unformatted text preview: may be used to promote a service or product Event marketing- promotion of an event in order to generate revenues and enhance the reputation of an organization Place marketing- enhances a location in order to appeal to businesses, investors, and tourists Political marketing- the promotion of an individual or idea with the aim of influencing public policy and voters Cause marketing- gaining public support and financing for a cause in order to bring about a change or a remedy Internal marketing- one part of an organization markets its capabilities to others within the same firm Nonprofit marketing- performed by an organization that is not motivated by profit and is exempt from paying taxes on any excess revenues over costs...
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