Chapter 12 notes - Chapter 12 Integrated Marketing...

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Chapter 12 Integrated Marketing Communications Communication - the exchange of meaning between or among parties Promotion - the process designed to influence consumers, can be used to inform, educate, persuade, remind, and reinforce through communication Integrated marketing communication (IMC) - the coordination of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations, and sponsorships to reach consumers with a powerful unified effect. Two important goals: establish a one-on-one relationship with consumers and to encourage meaningful communication between a firm and its customers. Objectives include: provide information, create demand, communicate value and product uniqueness, close the sale, and build loyal customer relationships. Encoding - the process of translating a message into terms easily understood by the target audience One-sided message - presents only aspects favorable to the source Two-sided message - recognizes the elements against a position and often provides the recipient
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Chapter 12 notes - Chapter 12 Integrated Marketing...

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