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3 engineering disciplines

3 engineering disciplines - 3 engineering disciplines Civil...

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3 engineering disciplines Civil Engineering Considered oldest engineering discipline—started with Romans and water aqueducts around 300BC, Pretty much everything CEs do affects our daily lives in multiple ways Work in teams. Also have to work with public because most projects are publically funded so must have “people skills” and be able to translate technical terms Most work for consulting agancies, government agencies or military or manufacturing agencies Build/design things such as bridges, roller coasters, transportation systems, buildings CE subfields—structural engineering, H20 resources, transportation, geotechnical, envr., construction, architechtural, urban planning Functions: field, design, test Must have bachelor’s, license if wanting to offer services directly to public, to teach need Ph.D. For HS Students: challenge yourself in math and science, learn about computer science and CAD, take English seriously
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