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20 Problems - onixon_design lab part 1 What is a problem By...

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onixon_design lab part 1 What is a problem? By definition a problem is a question to be considered, solved, or answered; a problem can also be a situation, matter, or person that presents perplexity or difficulty. In accordance with these ideas, I think a problem is basically any inconvenience that someone would want to do away with or correct. These types of issues usually have many ways they can be solved depending on the complexity of the problem. I also think that what is considered a problem depends on the person surveying the situation. 20 problems/needs in the real world 1. Rain rain go away, come again some other day! Umbrellas are a useful tool but yet some are so flimsy. Why are most umbrellas unreliable (turned inside out by wind) and how can they be improved? This problem involves umbrellas. The main problem is that when it is windy, umbrellas do not really work. However, with most rainy days wind is present. Why hasn’t this problem been considered before? An umbrella work just fine to stop rain but if it is windy, and umbrella is more a hassle rather than a help. It just ends up getting turned inside out or breaks; some umbrellas, although made of metal, are too flimsy. Some other sub-problems with umbrellas are that they are lighting rods. Rain also comes with thunder and lightning sometimes; in these types of storms having an umbrella is a health hazard. No sane person walks around holding a metal rod when lightning is striking. Another sub- problem with umbrellas is that the “better” umbrellas are so bulky to carry around but the small umbrellas are crap. This is a problem because there is no way to get everything that is desired in one umbrella. The biggest problem/sub-problem is that you WILL get wet on a rainy day. Basically, the ideal umbrella would be collapsible, sturdy, and would not be made of metal. This problem was discovered/thought of on October 13, 2009. My first rain in SLO. Of course it rains at home but I have never had to walk so much outside in the rain… of course I did not have an umbrella. Umbrella users are most affected by this problem because they need a quality product. I would also say that people who live where it rains are affected as well. 2. Shoes always seem to come untied or will knot up. How do you stop this madness? The problem is that shoe laces ALWAYS come untied. There is no way around it. This is a problem because you have to constantly retie your shoe. Of course there is one simple way to avoid this: buy shoes without laces. However, not all types
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20 Problems - onixon_design lab part 1 What is a problem By...

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