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Describe yourself - onixon_personal background Describe yourself This may seem like such a simple statement but yet it is so hard to explain To

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onixon_personal background Describe yourself. This may seem like such a simple statement but yet it is so hard to explain. To start with my real name is Olivia Monique Nixon. I was born a beautiful but hairy little girl at 2am on February 25 th , 1991. From that point on I have been many places and done many things. I have played soccer, softball, volleyball, golf, gymnastics, and still the list could go on. I have been to Mexico, New York, the Grand Canyon, Boston, Washington D.C., and still the list could go on. Both of these responses however are things I have done rather than things that describe who I am as a person. Describing yourself as a person is a much harder task and takes more reflection than I initially perceived. I would say I have recently molded into the person I am today because of the last four years of my life and education. High school gave me the opportunity to excel academically, socially, and athletically. Within
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