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Olivia Nixon Dr. Crockett Engineering 110 5 November 2009 Dr. Walsh Assignment—Extra Credit 1. What is an iconoclast? An iconoclast is something that smashes traditional values. 2. What are the basic differences between an MS, ME, and PhD? An MS is a Masters of Science and only takes 2 years to complete after baccalaurette and requires a research thesis. An ME is a Masters of Engineering and takes 1-1.5 years involving course work only. A PhD takes 4-5 years, requires a qualifying exam and research dissertation. 3. Do you need an MS to get a PhD?
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Unformatted text preview: You do NOT need a Masters before receiving a PhD. 4. What are the 3 pervasive myths about graduate school? People think graduate school will not pay off, they think they are not qualified/cant do it, and they are not aware that it is usually free (think it costs too much). 5. What do advanced degrees give you? The top reasons to get an advanced degree are that it gives you mobility and flexibility. Also, in a technical discipline you are rewarded financially (for a PhD)....
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