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Olivia Nixon, Katie Newman, Nerissa Quezon, Kevin Miyamoto Dr. Crockett Engineering 110 7 December 2009 Engineering Disaster: The Pinto Explosion Controversy The Ford Pinto was Ford Motor Company’s first American subcompact vehicle. Marketing for their new subcompact began on September 11, 1970. With a new President, Lee Iacocca, and a new product, Ford was ready to compete on the global market. However, the problems with the Pinto caused Ford to receive a bad reputation. All over the world the Pinto was referred to as “The Barbeque that seats 4”. A combination of factors contributed to the demise of the Ford Pinto including a poor design, bad business decisions, psychological problems of business executives, and a time crunch to produce. The Pinto was Ford’s first model in the subcompact category of cars. The Pinto had a 94 inch wheelbase, was 163 inches in length, was 69.4 inches wide and 50 inches tall. In order to keep the car within regulation, Ford adopted the design of Robert Eidschun for the Pinto in its entirety. The pinto had an inline-4 cylinder engine as well as newly popular bucket seats. The Executive Vice-President of Ford, Lee Iacocca also wanted to keep the Pinto “under 2000 pounds and under 2000 dollars.” The design of the Pinto may not have appeared to be flawed at first glance, but testing revealed otherwise. The Pinto contained a rear gas tank and when impacted, gas would leak from the tank. In crashes over 25 miles per hour, the gas tank was likely to catch fire and in crashes over 40 miles per hour, passengers would be trapped in the car and left to burn to death. I
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ford pinto info - Olivia Nixon, Katie Newman, Nerissa...

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