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onixon_hw4 Impact Paper—Bob Barron I really enjoyed the speaker and this was the first time that I did not totally want to fall asleep during Engineering 110 (Sorry Dr. Crockett!). Although I am not the least bit interested in engineering prosthetic body parts, I found Mr. Barron’s speech moving and his work intriguing. It is awesome that Mr. Barron loves his job, helps people while doing his job, and has a totally rewarding experience everyday! Getting paid for it doesn’t seem that bad either! Some of the stories Bob told and the short video clip we watched almost made me want to cry seeing the joy these prosthetic body parts bring to people. I thought it was very interesting that Bob kept stressing that prosthetic body parts, especially for the face, are necessary not cosmetic. I had never really thought about it, but prosthetics in certain cases are necessary. It is not right for someone to have to be disfigured and self-conscious if there is some way they can be helped. A
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Unformatted text preview: prosthetic nose can help someone breathe properly without having their mucous membranes dry out; similarly, Bob said a prosthetic ear can improve someone’s hearing up to 20%. These 2 points alone have me convinced that prosthetics are essential, functional, and not just superficial. The psychological impact that prosthetic body parts have for recipients really struck my sentimental side as well. These people are so happy just to look normal and have all of their body parts which is something most of us take for granted every day. Being able to change someone’s life is a powerful thing; improving someone’s quality of living, in this case with prosthetics, is the easiest and most permanent way you can help somebody. I think it is amazing that Bob Barron was able to use his professional skills in a way to help people improve their quality of living. He truly is changing the world while doing something he loves; sounds like the perfect “job” to me!...
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