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Olivia Nixon Dr. Crockett Engineering 110 14 October 2009 onixon_cameron clapp Impact Paragraph-Cameron Clapp A young man with only one limb, yet he is so optimistic and full of life. Cameron Clapp’s outlook on life and his happy demeanor really impacted me during Monday’s class. He embodies the term “bouncing back”. I think it is amazing that someone who experienced such a tragedy has been able to overcome while still maintaining the lifestyle he has always lived. Of course, his journey has not been easy but what struck me was his attitude. He was able to admit his mistakes, show his feelings, and give encouragement all in the short period of time he spoke to us. He was always smiling and always willing to show/ tell us any and everything about his accident, prosthetics, or life in general. His honesty and positive attitude are attributes that I wish I had myself! Another part of Cameron’s speech that really struck me was the way he moved. He really used his body
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Unformatted text preview: and movement to prove his points. He showed us how he loves to run and dance while also showing us videos of his various activities and struggles. I thought this was effective because it made me realize how difficult it can be for amputees but also how much technology has advanced. Watching Cameron struggle up the stairs and also fall down in his videos helped me understand the need for even further advancement in prosthetics. Cameron made me realize that prosthetics are necessary for amputees. I also realized that prosthetics do not just “fix” the problem; it takes a lot of time for these people to relearn, at a slower pace, how to do everything. My favorite quote from Cameron’s whole speech was “Failure does not mean defeat, it just means a slight delay” which applies to life and engineering!...
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