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Argument analysis Sicko - Nixon Olivia Nixon Elizabeth...

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Nixon Olivia Nixon Elizabeth Chamberlain English 134 23 November 2009 Sicko Argument Analysis In the 2007 documentary Sicko director Michael Moore explores the American health care system. He focuses on the thousands of Americans who do have health insurance but still do not receive proper treatment because of corruption in health insurance companies; he also focuses on the lack of action of Congress. The main argument presented in Sicko is that America should adopt a universal health care system. Although Moore’s claim may seem valid and even attainable, especially with the current Obama administration, people must take into account how Moore presents his argument. He has a reputation for being extremely liberal and also for being very controversial which also must be taken into account. The audience must realize that some of his claims are probably over exaggerated and also that he is probably not presenting all of the facts in this documentary. However, I do feel that Moore is exploring a very important issue that is taking place at this point
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Argument analysis Sicko - Nixon Olivia Nixon Elizabeth...

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