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Nixon Olivia Nixon Elizabeth Chamberlain English 134 4:10-5:00 5 October 2009 This media sample depicting a scene from the 2006 movie The Devil Wears Prada may seem simple at first glance but further examination uncovers many hidden messages. The two main characters of the movie, Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, are the main images in this media sample. What is first noticed about these 2 figures is that they are both wearing black. I think this makes them a bit mysterious as well as a bit satanic/evil. It also should be acknowledged that one of the characters is standing while the other is sitting. Meryl Streep, the bitchy boss in the movie, is standing and somewhat looking down on Anne Hathaway. Also the way that Meryl is looking at Anne Hathaway says “I am better than you. Do what I say.” I think this is definitely something the director of the photo shoot and movie wanted to portray because
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Unformatted text preview: the whole movie is somewhat centered around Meryl’s bitchiness. The setting of this photo also says a lot about what the media sample is trying to portray. By having the characters in an office, it shows what the movie is about. The office also says a lot itself because of all of the “expensive looking” art on the walls and the many items on the desk. Just by looking at the desk alone, many things can be observed such as the countless magazines, glass of water, and vase of white roses. Because all of these things are precisely placed in an orderly manner, this says a lot about Meryl’s character; to me this specifically says that she wants everything to perfect and/or she has someone make sure everything is perfect for her. All in all I think this media sample truly gets across the point of the movie and main conflicts in the movie all in just one simple photo....
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