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English 134 - Chamberlain Name: Olivia Nixon Hometown: Rocklin, CA (Sacramento) Major: General Engineering Writing Process Survey (attach separate pages if you need more space) 1) What are your attitudes toward writing? Do you like to write? Is it a chore? At this point in my education I find writing to be necessary and therefore I like to try my best and improve my writing skills. I wouldn’t necessarily say I “enjoy” writing but I do not see it as a chore. I have enjoyed every English class I took in high school and have done pretty well in the past. 2) Where do you write outside of school? Do you text? Have a Facebook page? A blog? Do you post on an Internet forum, or write comments on YouTube videos? Do you write poetry or fiction? Do you keep a diary? Right now I would say I don’t generally write outside of school. I do like to write letters though to my friends back home and my family. I write in the technological world by texting (not obsessively) and on Facebook (not obsessively). I mostly write outside of school to stay connected rather than for enjoyment. 3)
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ENGL134_WritingProcessSrvy[1] - English 134 - Chamberlain...

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