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facebook analysis - Olivia Nixon Elizabeth Chamberlain...

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Olivia Nixon Elizabeth Chamberlain English 134 17 November 2009 Facebook profiles can say a lot about who a person is, what they like, the ideas they have, and what is important to them. Even if little or no information is given on the Info tab of a Facebook page, a lot can still be concluded about that person as a whole. This is the case for one my friends Kelsey Seaman. Although Kelsey’s profile is not loaded with information about her favorite things a lot can be concluded about her as a person such as that she is religious, involved at school, and has an active lifestyle. From Kelsey’s Info tab, I think it is pretty obvious that Kelsey is a religious person. First of all, the fact that she declares her religious views is noteworthy; it shows she is proud of her religion. Most people that are not comfortable with or proud of their religion would not include such info in a profile. I also believe she is a religious person and most likely involved at her church because she lists Youth Group as one of her activities. I also perceived from Kelsey’s profile that she is involved in school more than just
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facebook analysis - Olivia Nixon Elizabeth Chamberlain...

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