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Dear Professor Chamberlain, The issue of the development in our state’s capital is an interesting subject. For me, this topic is interesting because it hits close to home since I live near Sacramento. Although I am not well informed about the topic at this present moment, it is interesting because of all of the controversy surrounding the topic. There seems to be only a few options regarding the building of a new sports arena for Sacramento besides a possible location. It seems to me that either the public funds the initial payment for the stadium through an increase of taxes, or the stadium never gets built and the Kings (NBA team) leave Sacramento. Both cases seem to have their advantages and defaults. This is an important issue because I think the people of Sacramento (and the leaders of Sacramento) need to make up their minds about what will be done. This issue needs to be solved because either the production of a new arena needs to begin ASAP or the issue needs to be forgotten so time and money can be focused elsewhere. In order to convince the
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