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Nixon 1 Olivia Nixon Elizabeth Chamberlain English 134 7 December 2009 Dear Senator Roger Wicker, As you and I and all of America know, health care reform has become one of the leading controversies in American politics. The House Health Care Bill passed last month and now it is time for the similar Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to be debated in the Senate. All Americans—citizens and non-citizens, men and women, homosexuals and heterosexuals—will be affected by this bill in some way whether it is because we are on the same public healthcare option or because our private healthcare providers will be required to provide better, more adequate coverage. This is why I would like to urge you, as well as your fellow Republican Senators, to vote in favor of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Despite the fact that health care reform will cost America and its people large sums of money for many years to come, this is necessary in order to get America on the same level of health care as many other countries. Countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Greece, all world leaders I may add, have universal health care systems such as the one that is proposed in The Patient and Protection Affordable Care Act. Many other countries have even better, single-payer universal health care systems such as the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Japan, and our neighbor Canada (“List of Countries”). Although America may never reach a complete
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Nixon 2 health care system as implemented in these countries, and as President Obama may hope for our future, this Act is the first step to a better America. The main reason that this act will benefit America is because it widens the range of Americans who can afford health care. A public option for health care will be offered to Americans at a lower price than most private health care options. Also the Exchange will allow health insurance companies, as well as the government option, to compete for customers. This will likely lower the cost of health care overall because private health insurance companies will need to compete with the cheaper public option. This act will essentially create equality in terms
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OliviaNixon_Seq4 - Nixon 1 Olivia Nixon Elizabeth...

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