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Sequence 2 Essay - Olivia Nixon Elizabeth Chamberlain...

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Olivia Nixon Elizabeth Chamberlain English 134 19 October 2009 One Powerful Force A woman of immense stature, knowledge, and wisdom; her life has been filled with achievements, love, laughter, and selflessness. She is a teacher, mother, mentor, grandmother, sister, and friend. She is 76 year old Nancy Galleni and she is my grandmother. She graduated from University of Kansas in 1957 with degrees in English, Drama, and Art and has had many jobs in her life ranging from school principal, to house wife, and even preacher. There has never been a time that I can remember that we have not had a meaningful conversation, she has offered some piece of wisdom, or I have admired one of her newest works of art. For Nancy, art is a way of life, expression, and spiritual manifestation that “just flows out of [her].” If you were to ask any one of Nancy’s friends, relatives, or acquaintances, I believe most would say her distinguishing trait, besides her ability to love, is her craftiness. Some of my most cherished childhood memories involve my grandma, or Nina as everyone calls her, during our summer vacations spent at the Russian River. Every summer, and every day, there was a new craft to make: rock painting, visor decorating, shirt making, and face painting. With Nina, the possibilities and creativity is endless! My grandmother is the most creative and artistic person I know. Arts and crafts just come naturally, like breathing and sleeping. To me, Nina has always been larger than life and so has her art. Her house is filled with dolls, pillows, paintings, figurines, holiday decorations, and everything in between that she has crafted throughout the years. In my eyes she is the epitome of the expression “artist”. Yet when asked to categorize
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herself, not once did she refer to herself as an artist. When this was pointed out to her she admitted, “You know I’ve thought about this because I’ve always been very hesitant to call myself an artist… It’s just not a term I’m comfortable with…” More recently, Nancy has been thought of as an artist and has been identified as such. She
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Sequence 2 Essay - Olivia Nixon Elizabeth Chamberlain...

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