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sequence 2 interview

sequence 2 interview - Olivia Nixon Sequence 2 Interview...

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Olivia Nixon Sequence 2: Interview Questions Interview with Nancy Galleni Conducted October 8 th 2009 1. What type of media do you make? Mixed media—that means you use a lot of different materials. You use paint, fabric, bottle caps, actually objects such as an antique watch. Its called mixed media/collage. 2. How long have you been making this type of media? Oh, probably since I was a kid. (about calling herself an artist) You know I’ve thought about this because I’ve always been very hesitant to call myself an artist… it’s only been in maybe the last 3 years that people have called me an artist. It’s not a term I’m comfortable with but it’s a term I’m learning to accept. (on why it makes her uncomfortable) I’ve always thought of what I did artistically as something I just did for fun. And even on a “recent trip” (Canada) a lady came up to me and told me she could tell I was an artist because of the way I was looking at the art; so I’m learning to accept this about myself. I would say it started in high school when I had to make a marionette. I remember that project and the thrill I got from it. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher… and artistic expression became an essential part of my teaching. It probably became the most important part of my teaching. I even ended up teaching a class called art in the natural environment for the college of Notre Dame (bay area). 3. How would you classify your art? “I feel today that today my art is an extension of what I believe spiritually. Because I believe my art today all flows out of that. It probably always did but I’m really aware of it today” 4. Do you consider yourself an artist?—see above
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5. How does the outside world/current events affect your art?
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sequence 2 interview - Olivia Nixon Sequence 2 Interview...

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