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sequence 2 peer letter

sequence 2 peer letter - write about before interviewing...

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Dear Peer Group, I’m just going to be truthful with you: so far this Sequence 2 essay has just been a pain and annoying. I kind of feel like we were thrown into the essay portion of this sequence with little instruction. I’m really confused as to whether or not my essay answers to “prompt” and if it even makes sense. Besides the fact that I feel my essay is a waste of space, I think the other parts of the Sequence 2 went really well: picking someone to interview was easy and I know enough about their art to have written a decent Response Paper (or so I hope). With the essay I think the main thing that went well was the choosing of the “main question” we were to get at in our papers. My interviewee was my grandmother, so I was already somewhat aware of her as an “artist”. Some of her answers did surprise me but ultimately I already knew what I was going to
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Unformatted text preview: write about before interviewing her: how her art and her faith are interconnected. With this essay, I am really struggling with the organization/placement of the paragraphs. I feel like the sequence of paragraphs in my paper does not flow or make sense. Another aspect of this essay that I found difficult was threading that “question” throughout the essay; it was so easy to get off topic. If you could please take a look at these two things while you are editing that would be greatly appreciated! Also I think I tend to put in too much “fluff” when writing. If you have any suggestions to make this essay more clear and concise, like Stephen King advises, I would appreciate that as well! Thanks and don’t be afraid to tear my essay apart… because I know it needs a lot of help! Sincerely, Olivia Nixon...
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