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Nixon Olivia Nixon Professor Elizabeth Chamberlain English 134 4:10-5:00 7 October 2009 Bona Fide Representation of a Biblical Character What is the difference between a doll and a soft sculpture? What is a soft sculpture? Actually, soft sculpture is a type of sculpture fashioned out of fabric, foam, and similar materials instead of clay; this form of art combines the techniques of sewing, painting, costuming, and stitchery. This might sound like a glorified doll, but I assure you the process is much different and more personal when made as art. A soft sculpture is something that is delicate; it’s meant to be looked at and admired. A doll on the other hand is something to be played with and is made for the enjoyment of children. Although these two art forms are different, they also have many similarities; both soft sculptures and dolls are made to be seen by many people. Another similarity between soft sculptures and dolls is that they are both meant to be treasured, appreciated, and interpreted differently by everyone. Although soft sculptures may just seem like dolls, when these pieces of art are truly examined much more can be seen in these mere “dolls”. One such piece of art is a soft sculpture of Hagar, a women character in the Bible, made by Nancy Galleni of Belmont, CA. Although Nancy’s representation of Hagar is only a twelve inch tall soft sculpture, there is so much to analyze and consider when observing this representation of
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sequence 2 response paper - Nixon Olivia Nixon Professor...

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