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Dear Professor Chamberlain, The Sequence 2 essay was surprisingly easier than I first thought it was going to be, although it was a little bit difficult to discover that “research question” at first. Sequence 2 provided me with an opportunity to learn more about someone I already am close to. Although I interviewed my grandmother, i was able to find out in depth about a different aspect of her life. With this essay, peer editing was definitely an advantage rather than a hassle. One of my peer editors did not provide much feedback, but I was able to get some good advice from the other. One piece of advice I took was about an idea that was randomly thrown in to an unconnected paragraph. I was able to take this idea and make it its own paragraph rather than tack it on somewhere else. This idea is the paragraph regarding my interviewee’s involvement with her religion outside of artwork. Most of the other pieces of advice that I took were mainly grammatical errors, rewording sentences, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: What went well in this essay for me was an overall theme for my interview and profiling of my grandmother. As I said, I obviously already know a little about her and her life! What also went well for me was overall quote integration. I also felt I was able to connect all aspects of my grandmothers life to her as a media producer. What did not go well was interviewing someone who lives 4 hours away. However, this was a small issue because I was able to conduct the interview by phone. A little side note to that: shortly after I interviewed her, my dad was able to set her up with a webcam. Now I can talk to her over Skype all the time! She loves it and we have used it already to further discuss the interview. Another thing that did not go well was trying not repeat myself in my essay. I tend to that, which my peer editors noticed. With their help and advice I hope I was able to cut down the repetitiveness! Enjoy the essay and Thank You! Sincerely, Olivia Nixon...
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