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Olivia Nixon Elizabeth Chamberlain English 134 5 November 2009 Two Article Abstracts Hardy, Terri and Mary Lynne Vellinga. “2 Cities Enjoy Vibrant Scene - In Indianapolis and Memphis, Palaces for Sport Energize Downtown Fortunes." The Sacramento Bee. News Bank, 25 Sep. 2006. Web, 4 Nov. 2009. In this article, the author(s) show 2 examples, Indianapolis and Memphis, where new sports arenas were able to bring life to the city and were an asset rather than a liability. This article was written in response to an earlier article in The Sacramento Bee which gave 2 examples of cities where sports arenas were not successful. In the case of the article “2 cities” the author also points out that these sports arenas were publically funded with tax money. The author is writing this article I think to persuade to voters of Sacramento to consider the positive effects a new arena will have on the city. They are doing so, I think, to get the people of Sacramento to approve an increase in taxes, permission to use city land, etc. for a new arena. I will use this
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