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Dear Elizabeth, With this essay I found that it was a lot harder to get started on the essay and just a lot harder in general. At first I had a hard time choosing a topic and then a hard time with narrowing it down. Something else that also did not go well was making a strong argument in my essay. With my topic, my audience was already against my opinion so I felt I had to draw a lot of information in order to persuade them. Also I felt that I had to be more creative in this essay in order to get my points across. This is where my peer editors really helped. They let me know what was confusing, where my writing didn’t flow, etc. I definitely took their advice about the flow of paragraphs. This essay is very specific towards the audience because of the location. I wrote about the controversy of building a new entertainment arena in Sacramento. I hope this is not too
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Unformatted text preview: confusing because I assume you probably do not know much about this issue. My essay is directed towards the people of Sacramento so I assume they are aware of the current situation, at least to an extent. The rhetorical devices I used in the essay are anaphora and polysendyton. I used anaphora in my thesis in order to get my point across. I tried to use this to show my audience how important I think a new arena is to Sacramento no matter how, where, etc. Polysyndeton can be found on page 4 at the end of the first paragraph that continues from the previous page. Here I used polysynedton to show how many uses an arena does have and that it would be beneficial in many ways. There are probably more rhetorical devices I unconsciously included in my writing, but these are two I hope you are pleased with. Sincerely,...
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