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Dear Peer editors, Honestly I threw this just paper together. I totally forgot it was going to be due this soon!! Well I definitely need a lot of help. The topic I chose was the building of a new arena in Sacramento. In my essay I am trying to persuade the people of Sacramento that a new arena will be beneficial to them and the city. I need a lot of help, considering I wrote this right before class. So please make a lot of corrections, suggestions, etc. First of all, I am not sure it my logos checks out. I was trying to
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Unformatted text preview: make a strong appeal to logos in order to persuade my audience that building a new arena in Sacramento is a good thing. Along these same lines I am not sure if I included enough pathos… Another area in which I do not feel confident is my introduction and conclusion. Are my approaches effective? Let me know what you think about everything!! Thank You! Sincerely,...
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