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electrochemistry report - Chem 125 Name Dr Abel Olivia...

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Chem 125 Dr. Abel Name: Olivia Nixon Partner: Partner: Experiment 8: Electrochemistry Instructions: Each person is to submit an individual report, due in class (7:10AM) on the last day of the quarter (3/13/09) . You must turn in a typed hard copy of this report. Part 1: Corrosion In the space provided, record your observations for each of the seven iron nails. Draw a picture of each iron nail set-up Label the parts that turned blue, and parts that turned pink Label each metal Complete other questions as asked Observations Reactions 1. Iron nail with zinc metal anode metal: zinc anode reaction: nothing happened to the zinc, no color change observed cathode metal: (remember, a metal can be an inactive electrode ) cathode reaction: (note: there aren’t any metal ions present, so the metal does not get reduced. Something else does. What is it?) 5. Iron nail with copper wire anode metal: iron (nail) anode reaction: iron was oxidized (blue) cathode metal: copper wire cathode reaction: oxygen was reduced (pink) 9. Iron nail with copper wire and magnesium strip This one sometimes doesn’t work as well. Using reduction potentials, which metal should be oxidized? Magnesium should be oxidized What is reduced and where does this reduction occur? Iron should be reduced where it is in contact with the copper wire 10.Scored iron nail anode metal: part of nail that was scored anode reaction: caused the scores on the nail to be oxidized
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electrochemistry report - Chem 125 Name Dr Abel Olivia...

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