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homework 4 energy - Olivia Nixon ENGR 111 Dr. Cardinal 3...

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Olivia Nixon ENGR 111 Dr. Cardinal 3 February 2010 Homework #4 Chapter 9-Energy 1) In your own words, identify and summarize the major sectors in the U.S. that require large amounts of energy consumption. For each of the fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and petroleum), clearly state how reserves (supply) in the U.S. compares with U.S. consumption. Be specific for each of the three fossil fuels- i.e. use numbers! Currently in the United States, transportation, electric power, and the industrial sector and residential/commercial sectors consume the largest amounts of energy. Transportation in America accounts for about 27.7% of our total energy consumption and about 67% of our total petroleum usage. Most of this energy is used to power the over 200 million vehicles in America that drive about 7 billion miles per day. Electric Power in the U.S. consumes the most energy at 38.9%, most of which is lost as waste heat. Electric power also is the main sector that benefits from burning fossil fuels; about 70% is produced from fossil fuels. Lastly, industrial and residential/commercial sectors account for a combined 33% of our energy usage. All three of these areas rely mainly on fossil fuels; fossil fuels are used to power plants to make products and used directly in the residential sector for heating, cooking, etc. Coal- In the United States, an estimated 500 billion short tons of coal are in the United States reserve. If the rate of consumption of coal does not change, our coal reserves will last about 500 years; however the demand for coal will likely increase due to the development of
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homework 4 energy - Olivia Nixon ENGR 111 Dr. Cardinal 3...

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