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Nixon Olivia Nixon Astrid Reeves History LA 211 17 February 2010 Penseé: An Engineering Accomplishment Being an engineering major, I decided I should look at some piece of historical landscape architecture through the eyes of an engineer for my penseé. As we discussed in class, the roads in the Ancient Roman Empire really were an amazing feat. It was true that “all roads lead to Rome” for there was over 250,000 miles of roads in the roman roadway system spanning across the entire empire; also about 50,000 miles of road in the Roman Empire was paved. The Roman civil engineers obviously did something right because many of these roadways are intact and still in use today. Via munitas, the main roads that were paved with rectangular blocks of or with blocks of lava, show the degree of the civil engineering by the Romans. First of all, most of the roads were perfectly straight. This was achieved by the civil engineer using his naked eye and the use of a rod and a groma to obtain straight lines and right angles. Also the roads were level, or as close as
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Penseé - Nixon Olivia Nixon Astrid...

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