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final project poster

final project poster - Pictures weighted average table...

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Pictures, weighted average table, survey, solid model, how we came to our final design, test data Need to: Get a poster board Perform last tests Picture of someone using it Beverly’s: Velcro for bottom Hinge for lid, possibly a lid “The Triple C” How we chose different features for our final design We decided to use felt on the outside of our cup because it is more flexible, easier to collapse, and we found it to be a better insulating material than the material used in our original prototype. For the felt we chose to implement a double layer for insulation and to make the cup sturdier so it is easier to grip and hold when in use. In the end we opted to use a plastic cylinder insert in the cup to hold the actual liquid. We did this because we wanted the inside to be detachable and easily washable for maximum efficiency. The velcro strap was implemented in order to keep the coffee cup collapsed. We chose velcro because it can be adjusted to whatever size is needed. Prototype 1 Survey About 15% of people surveyed own a collapsible mug, and only half of these people actually use
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