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midterm 2 cheat sheet - Design Evaluation Requirements>...

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Design Evaluation : Requirements>>>> Concepts >>>>> Design Quality Function Development (QFD) “House of Quality” What does the customer want? Engineering Design: “The 4 C’s” Constraints: Envelope for product/subassembly, Need to know interfaces w/ other objects (power, weight, processor cycle time, etc.) Configuration: Architecture: arrangement of components (location and orientation) Why separate components? Why not? Move relative to one another, different materials for functional purposes, need to be moved for accessibility, need to accommodate material or production limitation, standard components available, minimize cost Connections: Interfaces between components (mechanical, thermal, electrical, data) , Fixed/adjustable/separable (issues) Components: Final step, divide into smallest units for detailed design, outsourcing and in-house, integration of designs Trade studies - in depth examinations of critical subjects that affect system design, cost, schedule, configuration, performance, risk, etc. (occurs at all levels of system development); Systematic approach to objectively select b/w alternative solutions that best satisfies program requirements; Formal procedure to make and document decisions (maintain traceability back to customer need through requirements, usually presented at design reviews) Basic steps: state problem/decision to be made, define ground rules and assumptions, bound the range of solution to be evaluated (4-6), configure alternatives (compare apples to apples), identify selection criteria (include cost and risk, other resources: mass, power, consumption, must be measurable),
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midterm 2 cheat sheet - Design Evaluation Requirements>...

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