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Olivia Nixon ENGR 112 1 June 2010 Engineering Rapid Prototyping Lab Quality Measuring 1. Considering all of the dimensions on this rapid prototyping project were in millimeters, I would say the machines are fairly accurate in the large scheme of things. However, looking at the machining in terms of this project, the machine did not seem very accurate at all. All of the dimensions were off significantly and inconsistently. Some dimensions in the base model were larger than specified in the design such as the through hole and some dimensions were smaller than specified in the design such as the higher curved side. 2. My model had to be modified in order to fit the base model. It seemed like I did a lot of modification by hand, but when I remeasured the altered parts, the dimensions had only changed by about 0.60mm at the most. 3. The ABS model is definitely more accurate than the starch model; however they both are not exact. The plastic model was only about 0.25mm off in either direction rather than the
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