engr hw 1 prosthetic

engr hw 1 prosthetic - long time to re-learn how to use...

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Olivia Nixon Dr. Crockett ENGR 113 30 Sept 2010 Homework 1: Biomedical Engineering Product For my biomedical engineering product I have chosen the i-LIMB hand made by Touch Bionics. I am a general engineering major, but I decided for this paper to explore a product that also has to do with mechanical engineering. The i-LIMB bionic hand is a myoelectric prosthetic hand (Touch Bionics). A myoelectric limb uses the electrical action potential of the muscles when they are contracted. These contractions are then recognized and picked up by electrodes on the surface of the skin and then are used to control the prosthesis (Ballert). The way a myoelectric limb works is quite complicated and as far as issues there has been some debate/controversy on how well they can actually interface with the users actual muscle movements (Mason). Many suggest that with (below the elbow) myoelectric prosthetics the use will be easy because these people should still have use of their muscles. However, others say it will take users a
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Unformatted text preview: long time to re-learn how to use these muscles and therefore use their prosthetic. One of the touch notch, state-of-the-art developers of myoelectric limbs is Otto Bock who produces the SensorHand Speed prosthetic hand (Otto). Otto Bocks SensorHand now claims to be faster with a 300 mm/s closing/opening speed and enhanced EMG signal processing. This company is also developing Skin Natural Gloves to provide natural looking covers for myoelectric and other types of prosthetic limbs. These are made of PVC-based materials to provide more durability for users (Otto Bock). Ballert Orthopedic: http://www.ballert-op.com/myoelectric_control.asp Mason, Carl P. Practical Problems in Myoelectric Control of Prosthesis. http://www.rehab.research.va.gov/jour/70/7/1/39.pdf Otto Bock US. http://www.ottobockus.com/ Otto, Judith. The State of the Art in Upper-Arm Prosthetics http://www.oandp.com/articles/2003-01_01.asp Touch Bionics: http://www.touchbionics.com/i-LIMB...
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engr hw 1 prosthetic - long time to re-learn how to use...

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