Eval of Persuasive Speech

Eval of Persuasive Speech - Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer COMS...

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Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer COMS 102 10 December 2010 Self Evaluation—Persuasive Speech Purpose: When watching my speech I was very pleased that I did in fact state my purpose very clearly in the beginning of my speech. I did this by posing a question to my audience about why we don’t buy local produce. I feel like my topic was focused and was appropriate because we are now at the age where we have to start buying our own food. However, it may not have been entirely appealing to a group of college students which if I remember correctly was semi- apparent in the lack of interest of my audience. Audience: As I previously stated, I feel my audience was not interested too much in my topic in the first place; college students generally worry about prices and convenience rather than buying local, helping the community, environment, etc. I did try to target them specifically in a few places in my speech though, such as when I mentioned buying local will help them keep off the dreaded “Freshmen 15”. I also specifically included the opportunities to buy local here in SLO, and even on campus, in hopes that they would explore these options and take action. Another way that I tried to adjust my speech to my topic was I assumed my audience did not have extensive knowledge about everything I was referring to. Thus, I tried to give background and mostly educate them on the issue so they would see the validity of my opinion. Logistics: I chose to use the podium for this speech because it was a less casual speech and had more of a formal, serious tone. Also my presentation was appropriate because we were just assign to give a persuasive speech on the topic of our choice, which I followed.
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Content: The supporting material used in this speech came from a variety of reliable sources that were all different in content and purpose; I think this actually was represented well in my speech
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Eval of Persuasive Speech - Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer COMS...

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