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Final Take Home - Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer 15 November...

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Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer 15 November 2010 Fall 2010 Final Take Home-Coms 102 TOPIC: Buying Local Grown Produce vs. Imported 1. Carefully read the persuasive speech assignment in the supplement and read Section 26 to learn about persuasive speaking. Please note the topics I asked you to avoid in the description of the assignment and the common topics listed above. Come up with a topic for your persuasive speech. Then look at page 15 in the supplement and read what it says about the thesis or purpose statement in the five part formal outline. Go back and read section 7c. Come up with a good purpose statement and show that it fulfills the three basic characteristics of a good purpose statement . You need to buy local Cal Poly or San Luis Obispo grown produce and other products because your carbon footprint will be decreased, your money will greatly help the local economy, you will live a more sustainable life and your food will not contain preservatives, additives, or pesticides! 2. Review pages 68-69. Then draw a mind map for your persuasive speech. Please include it with your answers. 3. Review the organizational patterns in Section 13c, and take a look at Section 26d. From all of these options, choose the pattern that will work best for your persuasive speech. Describe how you will use it. Be briefly specific. I think I will use the persuasive organizational pattern of Overcoming Objections. With this I will lay out the common reasons why people don’t buy local grown, such as higher cost and it’s not sold everywhere, and then I will show them why these reasons are lame and how they can change this by for example picking their own fruits and veggies or going to open air markets. 4.-5. Look at the list of types of supporting material in Section 10. Describe the four best kinds of supporting material that you will use to make your argument for your persuasive speech. Be briefly specific. For example, it is not enough to simply state that you will use statistics; I want to know what kind of statistics you will use and where you will look for them. I do not, however, need to know the actual statistic. You will profit from doing some exploratory research at this point. Remember Wikipedia is not a good enough source for this speech, but it can be a source that will lead you to other, better sources. 2 pts. I. Statistics about food that is “imported” as well as about the ease of buying local and the opportunities to buy local in SLO. Example: “The ACF (Australian Conservation Foundation) states that it takes around 1,000 kilojoules of energy to ship 170 kilojoules worth of strawberries from Chile to the United States.” Stat from I can also find statistics from websites such as that educates consumers and “celebrates local sustainable food” II. Definitions about what it means to be sustainable and what carbon footprint actually is
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Final Take Home - Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer 15 November...

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