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Group Project Evaluations - Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer COMS...

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Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer COMS 102 2 December 2010 Group Project Evaluations Ryan Godfrey: 1. Ryan was probable the best “player” in this group project and I really appreciate him as a person and a group member. He was MORE THAN WILLING to do his part in the project and really was a great motivator for us. He was able to take on the role of “captain” towards the end and really got our butts into gear. He made many significant contributions to the group, the main one being the organization and logistics of the PowerPoint presentation. He made the entire outline for the PowerPoint and composed most of that aspect of our presentation. He also was instrumental in the research of our problem, in regards to recycling in general (after our first trial, that is). 2. If I had another important group project, no matter the subject, I would chose to work with Ryan again. Not only is he a nice guy, but he truly cares about the effort he puts into what he does as well as the quality of his work. He also can fly, which is pretty cool! That has nothing to do with school work, but I think it is sort of a testament to his character, because it shows he knows what he wants, works hard for it, and will succeed no matter what. This is exactly the type of person I would want to work with in a group setting because they will do everything they can to improve the quality of work the group produces. Mary Carmen
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Group Project Evaluations - Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer COMS...

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