Informative Superstitions Speech

Informative Superstitions Speech - Superstitions Speech...

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Superstitions Speech Jahoda’s categories of Superstitions: Religion and superstition Socially shared superstitions (good and bad luck) Paranormal activities experienced by individuals Persoanl Superstitions Types of superstitions—Dr. Edmund Kern “Superstitions R Us” Ritualized custom or habit—in baseball can be seen as routines, or something learned at a young age, wearing certain clothes (**look up famous routines) Observance of taboos or omens—baseball many observe the superstition of not stepping on the foul line (and others observe stepping on the foul line), another taboo would be not mentioning a no-hitter (observed by a lot of players, people, announcers, etc) Mickey Mantle example, omens such as Curse of Great Bambino Observance of sympathetic powers—story of the perfectly round rock? Wearing a cross? Reversals—getting up and changing positions or something, baseball rally cap ( for history) Metaphor—symbolic action, Praying before games? Today I am wearing my lucky outfit. Ok, I don’t really think it is lucky because I honestly don’t have a lucky outfit, but I do like how it looks so that’s why I am wearing it. This morning however I did what I always do. Woke up, hit snooze, did my hair, ate, brushed my teeth and went on my way to calss. Humans are creatures of habit. We have all heard this saying before and I would venture a guess that we also all agree with this statement. Maybe you like your food to not touch, you brush your teeth before breakfast, or you have a pre-date ritual like the boys of Jersey Shore. It is no new idea that we as a species are particular, but how much of this is normal? And how much of this is flirting along the lines of insanity? One of the ‘habits’ that we tend to have as intelligent animals is the belief in things above our power. This may come in the form of religion or even superstitions. Superstitions can often be thought of as silly and illogical, but everyone has their own opinions about superstitions, even if you don’t believe in them. I want you take a second to think about one of the superstitions you may have. Ok, think hard: what do you do when you see a black cat? Or what is ? In an interview with Dr. Edmund Kern, a professor at Lawrence University, he lays out what he has found to be the 5 categories of superstitions. Today I want to explain to you these categories through the greatest game ever played: Baseball. Now baseball may be America’s favorite pass time but it also happens to be one of the most superstitious sports ever played. So let’s take a look… The first category that Dr. Kern talks about is Ritualized Custom or Habit. This is the category that I think is most recognizable in baseball, and in most sports. Everything from a player’s routine before stepping in the batter’s box or pitching to what they wear to games can fit into this category. One of the more interesting and well-known routines in baseball belongs to Moises
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Informative Superstitions Speech - Superstitions Speech...

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