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Olivia Nixon Prof. Stauffer COMS 102 23 Sept 2010 Intrapersonal Communication By doing this exercise I learned a lot about myself. First of all, I found I really am an awful artist! Other than that I did find that my perception of my body image, compared to the view that others have, is much more critical. My friend’s view of my body was very straightforward and was also very positive. I chose to be more abstract for my body drawing and did not really “draw what I see” per say; rather I drew pictures representing some of the thought processes I have about my body. I found that I am actually quite judgmental about certain aspects of my appearance. What was portrayed in the drawings of my personality were very similar and therefore more accurate; for example we both used the words calm and fun to describe aspects of my personality. Many of the things my friend said about me in regards to my personality were dead on and were things that only I and my close friends would know.
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