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persuasive formal outline - Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer COMS...

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Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer COMS 102 22 November 2010 Persuasive Speech: Five Part Formal Outline I. Introduction: So who in this room has any food? Come on, I’m not gonna take it from you and eat it, I’m just curious. Eating is an activity that everyone likes to/has to participate in and a topic that I feel everyone loves to talk about. Which is what I am going to do today. Did you know the Encyclopedia of Earth online reported that your food travels on average 1,500 miles to get to your table? That is about the same as driving from San Luis Obispo to Portland, Oregon. And Back. A round trip of around 26 hours. Personally I know that I don’t really want to do that drive ever. So why would we subject the food we eat to this awful, awful experience? This is the question I pose to you today. Why don’t we eat food that is grown to closer to home? II. Thesis Statement: You need to buy local Cal Poly or San Luis Obispo grown produce and other products because your carbon footprint will be decreased, your money will greatly help the local economy, you will live a more sustainable life and your food will not contain preservatives, additives, or pesticides! III. Body a. You can reduce your carbon footprint by buying local a.i. Yahoo! Green reports that the average American emits 9.44 TONS of CO 2 a year. From which 2 tons are from eating. a.ii. In an article on Run for One Planet. Com it is said that the average tree absorbs 48 lbs of CO2 a year. Thus it would take 46 to offset one ton of CO2. And thus over 434 mature trees to offset the carbon emissions for one American for one year. That is a lot of trees! a.iii.
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persuasive formal outline - Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer COMS...

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