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Yum yum yum According to, on average Americans spend more than $600 billion annually on food with only about 7% of the local food money staying in the community. In comparison, in 1940 about 40% of food dollars stayed local in the community. This is creating a huge issue in communities all over America and throughout the world. By shopping at large box stores, instead of keeping money within local communalities we are letting our money goes to companies that do not care about our local economies. It was stated in an article by Judith Schwartz for TIME magazine that by buying local it “means more goes into input costs—supplies and upkeep, printing, advertising, paying employees—which puts that money right back in the community." Keeping money in the economy is a very simple step that we all can take in the improvement of the economy as a whole. Locally, this money will be able to circulate more quickly and thus impact and benefit more people. It also said in this TIME article that “for communities, this is a hopeful message in a recession because it's not about how much money you've got, but how much you can keep circulating without letting it leak out." Additionally, sustainable table says that by buying local, or directly form a farm, you will be sending up to 90% of that money back to the farmer.
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persuasive speech - Yum yum yum

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