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Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer COMS 102 1 November 2010 Take Home Test #2-Coms 102 Fall 2010 1. Carefully read the assignment for the informative speeches in the supplement. Write down a good topic for your informative speech. Now write a purpose statement for it and show how the statement has the three characteristics of a good purpose statement, as defined by the authors of your text. Ideas: Golf instruct/describe/enlighten Working for your parents? Dealing with customers Big sister? Run a small business. (Fair Prices, Good Relations, Competent and Passionate Employees?) Purpose Statement: The purpose of my speech is to enlighten my audience on the difficulty of owning a business and to give them some possible advice that they would not find anywhere else. Also want to encourage all people to run with an idea if they have one and make something out of it. Baseball: how to calculate ERA, batting average, on base percentage, difference between AL and NL, explain the wildcard, and crazy superstitions. Purpose Statement: Due to the nature of the sports world at this point in time (WORLD SERIES!) I think it is necessary for everyone to understand some of the mysteries and confusing numbers of America’s favorite pastime. 2. Read Section 24 in the textbook and the hint sheet on page 9 in the supplement. Explain what you will use as your presentation aid(s) and how you will use it/them effectively. Business- I will likely use a Power Point presentation with statistics about small businesses, how to start one, demographics about business owners, and “tips from the inside”. Baseball- I would use a Power Point for this idea as well with charts about batting average and ERA, formulas for ERA and batting average, and pictures of teams and superstitions. 3. Read about mind-mapping in Section 13a. Take a sheet of paper and do some mind mapping for your informative speech. Include this sheet with your answers. 4. Take a look at the organizational patterns in Section 13c. Choose one for your informative speech and briefly explain how you will use it. Business-One of the organizational patterns I can use for this topic is problem and solution in which I would show the possible problems a business would face and how they would correct them. Another idea for this is topical organization with stories intermingled; I would use different topics such as customer service and accounting to explain how much each affects the business and its owners. Baseball-By using the topical organization I would talk about different aspects of the game and how they relate overall. Another way I can present this material is through compare and contrast; I was thinking I could compare and contrast baseball with another sport or compare and contrast the American and National Leagues of baseball. 5.-7. Take a look at the beginning of Section 25.
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Take Home Test 2 - Olivia Nixon Erma Stauffer COMS 102 1...

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