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Olivia Nixon Sherrie Amido ENGL 149 13 January 2011 Active v. Passive Worksheet 1. I would like to share with you some ideas I have for investigating the feasibility of constructing an industrial  park in SLO. I want to share some ideas for constructing an industrial park in San Luis Obispo. 2. This is a problem affecting the immediate area under the overpass. Littering is a problem affecting the area under the overpass. 3. Recession constitutes a threat to the growth of the manufacturing sector of the economy. Recession is a threat to the growth of the manufacturing sector of economy. 4. Evaluation of the gumming tendency of the four tire types will be accomplished by comparing the amount  of rubber that can be scraped from the tires. I accomplished the evaluation of the gumming tendency of four tire types by comparing amounts of rubber  scraped from the tires. 5.
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This note was uploaded on 12/05/2011 for the course ENGL 149 taught by Professor Rheingans during the Winter '06 term at Cal Poly.

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active-passive wrksht - OliviaNixon SherrieAmido ENGL149...

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