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Olivia Nixon Mrs. Amido ENGL 149 14 February 2011 Analogy and Sensory Description: Tension forces Tight ropes at the circus experience tension. The rope directly feels the force of tension and this is due to how tight they are pulled so that people can walk on them. Tension is also similar to the process of making salt water taffy. The taffy must be continuously worked and folded over itself to create the correct consistency; when it is pulled on the hooks and in the machines, this candy is feeling the forces of tension as it lengthens. Another way to think of tension can be in the dating world. If you have 2 crushes/boyfriends you might experience tension. You will constantly
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Unformatted text preview: feel like these two men are pulling you in separate directions in which case your conscience or your body (if they are literally pulling you) will feel tension. Do you wish you were taller? Imagine a stretching machine that could possibly do this. Two very strong ropes would attach to your arms, legs, and neck. They would pull to lengthen your body in all ways possible. During this time, your body would be under an extreme amount of tension when pulled. Your body would undoubtedly be in extreme pain however it would not split apart. The tension in your body would be just enough to lengthen your body but not enough to permanently damage it....
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